A. Acknowledge that God is head and center of our lives
B. Boast in the Lord
C. Connect and commit to ministries
D. Dedicated and accountable to vision, mission and discovering gifts
E. Evangelize (inside/outside/everywhere)
F. Faithful and forgiving
G. Give cheerfully (stewardship - time/talent/thanks - total praise)
H. Humble and hopeful
I. Inclusion - every person matters; all are God's diverse children
J. Join in ministry - all are spiritually gifted; join in fellowship
K. Kindness and self control
L. Love - This is not optional
M. Motivate and encourage each other
N. Never miss opportunity to do right things, right

O. Obedient to God's will/His word

P. Prayerful
Q. Quiet time -- patience/wait on the Lord
R. Respectful - value relationships
S. Study; learn to be selfless stirred to serve in everyway to the glory of God
T. Trust in God; thank Him daily
U. United and useful. All= 1 blessed body
V. Volunteer - Harvest is plentiful; laborers are few
W. Worship, work, and walk spirit filled
X. X-ray - eXpose -- let light shine everywhere/everyday
Y. You take the lead -- "Here I am, send me"
Z. Zealous -- in total praise, worship, service, and witness for the Lord

Church Street CPCA aspires to live faithfully, peacefully, and lovingly; growing through change and spreading the gospel to the world

Our Vision (What we are Becoming)

Our Mission (What we are Doing)

We, a united body, are equipped, focused, and entrusted by God to obey His great commission and commandments. We lead through: biblical study, worship and witness; exemplifying love for mankind; sharing Jesus' examples through righteous living, ministries, teachings, actions, and evangelical service throughout the church/community and world. 

Core Values (What we believe is important)